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USA Golf Vacation

Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, North and South Carolina, Western USA, Florida, Arizona, to name but a few areas, all with excellent golfing facilities.
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Golfers, with out a doubt the long haul destination of choice is the United States, Tiger Woods, Pebble Beach, Las Vegas, etc. A convenient 'hop across the pond' to a world of resort golf that is uniquely American. All countries inevitably impose their national culture and characteristics on the game and the locations where it is played. The United States is no exception, America offers all the benefits and expertise you would expect from this golfing nation.
The US golfer is used to consistent facilities, high levels of maintenance, very competitive service and prices. One overall advantage is that the vast domestic market has created a wealth of resort courses in key holiday areas, convenient to reach and favored by superb sunshine weather during the popular winter months. America the largest golf market in the world has more golf courses, more players and more expenditure than anywhere else around the globe.
Such scale inevitably means that resort golf facilities, largely developed during recent years to meet domestic demand, need to be able to cope with the regular American golfer as well as the holiday golfer from outside the USA.
Regular drink and snack shelters around the course are part of the American way of holiday golf, where having fun is often more important than what you score and socialising forms part of the round rather than left for the 19th. A good selection of golfing packages to the United States are available, although most requests are for specialised tours covering Florida, the Carolinas, Palm Springs in California, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, and Arizona.