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A unique golfing theme park catering for the novice and / or the discerning golfer. This world class facility offers 350m target tees, different speed putting greens, unlimited golf balls and a nine hole wedge and putt course.
How are you at bunker shots? Here you can practice in shallow, deep, fluffy, and hardpan bunkers. Different textures of sand, both wet and dry. All these you will experience in the days ahead.
Spend the afternoon practicing your game for the tour ahead, try out the driving range and putting greens, unlimited top quality balls to play with, experience the extra distance achieved with your driver at this altitude (6000ft).
Putting on 1200 square metres made to meet full USGA specifications, fast medium, and slow paced greens. Uphill, sidehill, downhill slopes, you name it they are in this complex.